What makes Karmic Circles special?

This is not just your average app, it is a way of life! The app gives the tools to create an environment of accountability, responsibility, positive reinforcement, positive discipline and harmonious  family dynamics. If used correctly, it can change how families interact with their members. Read an actual user’s feedback.

What’s the Cost? Is it Free?

Absolutely! No arm, leg or firstborn child required.

Sounds great! How do I get my hands on it?

  • iPhone/ iPad users: App Store (Click link) (see Installation below & Getting Started Tips)
  • Android users: GooglePlay Store (add Click link) (see Installation below & Getting Started Tips)

How do I get started?

After you install the app, you can launch it and create an account either using an email or choosing to authenticate using Google authentication. The onboarding steps will walk you through adding users, deeds (tasks/actions) and rewards. At that point, it is a good idea to have a family meeting to agree on the deeds that you want to track as a family, the points it earns each member and what rewards (entitlements) any member of the circle can redeem the points for.

Can only parents/ adults use the app?

An adult (admin) is needed to set-up the (Family) Circle. After that, we highly encourage kids’ participation either on their own devices or through a shared device.

There are some issues …?

Yes, you noticed! Our team is running the app through exhaustive testing. We’re also lucky enough to have a circle of dedicated users who share their feedback with us. Please use the Feedback option on the app to share any issues you encounter. You can also share features you’d like to see in the future. Our team will take a look at your suggestions!

I/ we love the app! How do I share it with friend/s?

We love hearing that! Please use the ‘Refer App to a Friend’ option on the app menu to share with a friend.




How do I add/ invite my child/ children?

When you add users, you can enter their email or choose to not have an email account for your child when you add them as a user. You can still have the child participate in the circle, they just can’t have their own login to the app. 

How do I add/ invite an adult?

You can invite any adult or child with an email address by simply adding a new user from the menu and entering their email address. They would get and mail invitation with a code and can join the circle with the email and the code.

What is a deed? How is a task different from a deed?

A ‘deed’ is an agreed upon action that either gives or takes points away from a user that completes the deed. E.g. you can agree with your child that cleaning their room gives them 2 points and clearing the table gives them 1 point. Typically, the more time or the harder the chore, they more points a child should be able to earn. A deed may be a task or a behavior that can make a user earn or lose points. 

Are all deeds pre-loaded? Can I create my own deeds?

We have a pre-loaded library of ‘commonly requested’ deeds.

You can absolutely create your own deeds. This is one of the features which makes the app so flexible and customizable.

What is a routine?

A number of ‘deeds’ can be clubbed together as a ‘routine’. For e.g. some deeds (Pack your Clothes, Lay out School Clothes, Brush your Teeth, Sleep on Time) can be combined in to a ‘Night Time Routine’.

How do I add a routine?

A ‘routine’ is a collection of deeds and can be added by selecting ‘+’ from the deeds home screen and either selecting a suggested routine or selecting ‘create routine’.

What is a reward?

A ‘reward’ is an agreed upon action that consumes earned points. You can add a reward from the rewards home screen.

Do we really need rewards?

No, you don’t have to use rewards. You can choose to just use deeds and routines and watch the points start adding up. When you do want to reset your kids’ points, you can use an ad hoc reward (call it reset points if needed) and decide how you want to reset their points for the next challenge or habit formation.

How do rewards become redeemable?

Rewards are redeemable even if the child has not earned enough points to redeem a reward. They just go into negative territory, like taking a loan of points which need to be earned back.

How do I check history?

There is a history button on the bottom of the main home or deeds or rewards page.

I forgot my username

Your username is your email address you used to create or join the circle. You can search for an email from Karmic Circles in your email to confirm your user name. You can also email support@okarmic.com for help if you still cannot find your username.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password from the login page.

Does this only run on a phone? Can I run this on a website/desktop?

The app is currently available for iPhone & Android. There is an Alexa version in testing. Stay tuned for a website version.

I can’t find an answer to my question! What do I do?

Email us. Please include  type of device- mobile phone, iPad etc./ carrier/ operating system/ version and a description of the problem/ question.

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