Creating a culture of responsibility and accountability


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Self-motivate your children

The deed (task/ chore) and reward system self-motivates children once they’re comfortable with it. No nagging needed or whining allowed!


Habit Building

Reinforce good habits, inculcate new ones or break bad habits.

Schedule on the move

The app allows you (or the child) to schedule a new task or daily routine via phone, tablet or, in the future, voice command.


The app allows your family to decide what goes into their own Karmic Circle. Choose from a list of pre-populated deeds (i.e. tasks or chores) and rewards or come up with your own.

Recent Blog Posts

“Our family’s day is action packed. We use Karmic Circles to empower kids (and adults) in choosing tasks and when to complete them.
Karmic Circles allows everyone to hold themselves accountable, making for a smoother schedule and a harmonious family.”

Our mission

  • Build accountability, responsibility and a positive family environment through encouragement, mutual respect and positive behaviors


  • An effective system for setting and tracking routines/tasks/deeds for kids can have a dramatically positive impact not just on the kids but on the entire family
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