How my son got a real life lesson on debt and bankruptcy

With a shocked look, my 12 year old said, “What? This will put my score at - 45 points. It means I won’t get any electronics, shows or dessert for over a week.” It all started when we decided, as a family, to use the ‘Karmic Circles’ app at home.  We drafted and accepted, in a family meeting, a framework of points for chores, behaviors and health actions for each family member. We started small but kept adding more deeds to track when we realized (and agreed) that a new rule was called for after an incident. Typically, a TV show or a  20 mins. electronics session costs each of us 3 points. However, soon after we started using the app, we negotiated an extra 5 point penalty for each show/ electronics session that was sneaked in without permission. Of course, the day we set this rule, my son was feeling good since all new rules were only valid from the next day and so he wasn't going to be penalized…

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Decision Making for Kids

"How to Help Your Kids Make Good Decisions (Even When You’re Not Around)" Making good decisions is no small feat, especially for little ones who tend to fall more on the impulsive side (every kid). It’s up to us parents to guide them in the right direction. To help you out, we’ve gathered practical tips for letting go at the right time, and small ways you can help your kids assert their independence in order to become confident people ready to tackle the world. Read on to see them all

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